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Our Trusted Partners

Hai Hoang

CTO of Planworth

Jessica is wonderful to work with. She's smart, efficient, and flexible. She made sure that she understood our requirements and what we were looking for and brought us great candidates really quickly. She gives you her honest opinion and works with you through the entire process. Jessica goes above and beyond to take care of you and has been a great pleasure to work with."

Nir Orbach

CEO of Illumiti

Jessica has a passion for identifying well suited candidates for each role she is recruiting for. She excels in her ability to consider the individuals existing experience, abilities, growth potential and their desired career path so that a long term fit for the employee and company are achieved. Her attention to detail, accountability, sense of urgency and high energy levels make her a pleasure to work with.

Alanna Williams

Director, Culture & People Operations of LiveSwitch

Jessica is a combination of passion, talent and execution. From the start of her time at LiveSwitch she has been faced with a lot of challenges and she faces them head-on and tackles them easily! She is resourceful, friendly, tenacious and I love getting to learn from her about the complex world of tech recruiting.

The Modern Hiring Issue Tech Founders Face

Hiring The Wrong Talent

In the fast-paced tech industry, startups often rush the hiring process, leading to the selection of unsuitable candidates. This mismatch can derail a project's momentum and negatively impact team dynamics, hindering the startup's growth and innovation capabilities.

Talent Shortage

Tech startups, especially those in niche markets, face a significant challenge in finding skilled professionals with the right expertise. This talent shortage can delay project timelines and increase the pressure on existing team members, impacting overall productivity and innovation.

Letting Investors Down

Startups are under constant scrutiny from investors expecting rapid growth and innovation. Failing to meet these expectations due to hiring inefficiencies can lead to reduced confidence and support from investors, affecting future funding and growth opportunities.

Burnt Out Employees

Over-reliance on a small team due to hiring challenges often leads to employee burnout. This not only affects morale and productivity but also increases turnover rates, further exacerbating the hiring difficulties and creating a vicious cycle.

Destroying Your Employer Brand

Tech companies need to be careful of who they connect with. Some agencies present candidates that they've never spoken with. This practice can tarnish a startup's employer brand, as the quality of hires directly reflects the company's values and operational efficiency, impacting its attractiveness to potential talent.

Shota Zurabashvili

DevOps Manager of LiveSwitch

When Jessica reached out she was able to represent the role and the company really well so I was truly impressed and hooked. I immediately responded and I’m glad I did. It was a great experience working with her. We soon built an engineering team of 5 rockstars only because Jessica can find talent screened and already a good fit almost out of thin air.

Pankaj Dadhich

SAP Consultant of Illumiti

Supportive, motivating and highly professional It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jessica. She was so supportive, motivating and highly professional during our collaboration. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience throughout the process.

Courtney Fleming

HR Coordinator of Illumiti

Jessica is a consistent, enthusiastic and expert recruiter for our company. Coming from someone in HR, Jessica is a great counterpart to recruit for the needs of the business. She builds a deep connection with our candidates and sources qualified workers for our niche roles. She has a way with her candidates and provides them a great experience with the company while maintaining professionalism and building her talent pool. We are consistently hiring and you never have to worry about Jessica and her team finding the best talent.

Our Hiring Process

Step 1 - Talent Insight Session

We initiate our hiring process with a detailed meeting between Jess and the hiring manager. In this session, we meticulously review the job description, delving into languages, frameworks, essential and desirable skills, leadership style, and any adjustments needed to ensure we proceed with the most accurate and comprehensive information.

Step 2 - Talent Pulse Assessment

Our team assumes full responsibility for headhunting and screening prospective candidates. With meticulous assessment, we promptly deliver the most fitting candidates to hiring managers for further review within 5 days. ***NEW**** Additionally, we've streamlined the process by offering in-house testing facilitated by Savant Recruitment through Coderpad, relieving clients of any testing burdens.

Step 3 - Vita Verify Selection

The final interview phase involves all key decision-makers and is crucial for making a well-informed hiring decision. A verbal offer is extended to the chosen candidate, contingent upon satisfactory reference checks.

Step 4 - Offer Proposition

Following a successful Vita Verify Selection, a formal job offer is presented to the candidate for acceptance and signature, solidifying their engagement with the company.

Step 5 - Odyssey Onboard

We collaborate closely with the hiring manager to implement a comprehensive onboarding process. This includes providing our specialized onboarding materials to ensure the new hire is effectively integrated into the company, guaranteeing a successful start and a productive first 30 days.

Here's Some of The Roles We Fill

☑️ CTOs

☑️ Directors of Engineering

☑️ Software Architects

☑️ Automation Testers

☑️ Deployment Engineers

☑️ Data Scientists

☑️ VP of Engineering

☑️ Software Developers (Front, Back, Full-Stack)

☑️ Project Managers/Technical Project Managers

☑️ DevOps Engineers

☑️ Security Engineers

☑️ Support Engineers



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Nominated for RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards

The RBC Canadian Woman Entrepreneur Awards, presented by Women of Influence, recognize the achievements and impact of Canada's most successful female entrepreneurs.


Top Recruiter in Tech in 2023 (FoundersBeta)

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Meet The Founder

Hello Founders, CEO's, COO's, CTO's and Engineering Managers and Directors. I'm Jessica Smith, your go-to expert in tech recruitment with over a decade of experience.

Having navigated through the recruitment industry for 11 years, I've dedicated myself to mastering the ins and outs of tech talent acquisition.

My career kick-started in various recruitment firms, focusing on multiple sectors, but tech always had a special pull. This led me to a significant role in corporate tech, where I gained crucial insights and a deep understanding of the industry's nuances. Constantly updating my knowledge on the latest tech trends, I've developed a knack for predicting upcoming market shifts, thanks to endless conversations with candidates about their tech preferences.

At Savant Recruitment, the company I proudly founded, we've transformed the recruitment process. The old, impersonal methods were no longer effective. We've embraced a personalized, candidate-centric approach, focusing on understanding individual skill sets and motivations. This strategy has fostered strong, lasting relationships and built a robust network in the tech community.

Our mission at Savant Recruitment is simple yet powerful: to revolutionize tech hiring. Our approach is data-driven, relationship-focused, and always ahead of the curve.

The impact? A vast network of satisfied clients and candidates, with 80% of our business coming from referrals. Our candidates are not just looking for a job; they seek experiences that add value to their lives, and that's precisely what we deliver.

Join us at Savant Recruitment, where we're not just recruiters - we're tech enthusiasts, relationship builders, and game-changers in the tech recruitment space. Let's shape the future of technology together.

Proud Partnerships



Our partnership with Communitech is a no brainer. Communitech is Canada's Tech Supercharger that is helping Canadian Founders with Talent, Capital, Markets, and of course Community. 25 years strong of serving Canadian Tech Founders. Startups, Scale-Ups, and at Scale.

Ask about the Good AI Initiative



CoderPad works like an IDE to help candidates easily share their skills and ensure you understand how they work. Through both collaborative coding sessions and take-home projects, CoderPad is with you at every stage of the hiring process. CoderPad puts the developer experience first.

We can tell if candidates have left the test environment. Copy/pasting: and if they have copied & pasted code into the Screen IDE.

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Flow Ventures

Maximize your refund through SR&ED Credits. Flow Ventures is helping Canadian Companies recover up to 64% of their spend on Scientific Research and Experimental Development. You may be eligible for grants to fuel your growth, or even get access to a business loan. With a heavily connected network of Angel Investors and VC's the possibilities are endless.



At ScaleHR, we're dedicated to elevating leadership capabilities in SMB tech companies. We provide tailored training, coaching, mentorship, and strategic advisory. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on driving real-world application. We don't just equip leaders with skills; we work side by side to ensure those skills become ingrained habits. Think of us as your catalyst for transformative leadership, propelling your team toward sustained success and innovation in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Newly Announced:

Leadership Activated

We have big plans to expand our programs to support leaders -- inclusive leadership, international leadership, executive leadership, and more.


Wages Payroll and Back Office

Wages is an Employer of Record Service or EOR for all of Canada. They also engage as an Administrative Service Organization or ASO. Wages is the premier partner for all of Savant Recruitment's Back Office Administrative responsibilities, including Master Services Agreements, Invoicing, Collections, and Payroll for our clients who don't want to worry about the hassle of running a payroll in their organization for talent working on an hourly contractual basis.


b.seen Candidate Personal Branding Strategist

To be hired today, you need to b.seen! On LinkedIn, 8 people are being hired per MINUTE - and 85% of those hires are made through networking! At b.seen, we support the global candidate market through bespoke coaching and personal branding services to help you thrive at work and land your dream job! Whether you need a full LinkedIn rebrand or coaching throughout your job search, we know what it takes to b.seen and get hired!

Viewpoint AI

Viewpoint AI

Viewpoint AI empowers human decision-making over multiple sectors where decisions are high stakes. The platform accelerates teams to find consensus, and get to the best possible decision fast. Currently, it is impossible to efficiently process vast amounts of complex information fast and as a result money is lost, time is wasted and opportunities are missed. Viewpoint AI solves this problem by capturing the expertise of the smartest people, organizes data, learns what is important and makes increasingly better suggestions.

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