Transparency with a Technical Recruiter 

My niche is Technology. I've worked in startup SaaS environments, and Consultancies. I have worked alongside numerous stakeholders, leadership teams, and have coached them through their toughest hiring times. I am very well versed in the SDLC, and understand how each department works.

I don't do surface level-searches. I use various methods to recruit the Technical talent that you desire. This isn't just a one and done search on LinkedIn. What I do takes a lot of time and effort, to find the right candidate for you. If we work together, I am looking up who your competition is, and using my network to pull from those sources. I have built great relationships over the years in the tech space and utilize those relationships to help get fantastic referrals. Great Devs know other Great Devs. I know the languages, I know the tools, the databases, and please don't ask me if I know the difference between Java and Javascript. 

Roles i've worked on:

Front-End, Back-End, Full-Stack, Architect, Server-side specific, Business Analysts, Product, UX/UI, Engineering Managers, Director Level, and more.  I've also worked on roles for teams outside of engineering. Specifically in Marketing, Operations, and Finance.

If you're looking for Talent Advisory services, I can also provide those services as well. I can implement better process' and procedures in place so that your team can stay ahead in the war for talent.



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