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July 7/2022

A Top Recruiter and Employee Experience professional have announced an innovative partnership that corrects hiring process issues that have been broken for far too long. They are joining forces to ensure that the entire process adds value for candidates, managers, and employers. 

June 27, 2022, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Employee Experience Design (EXD) and Savant Recruitment are excited to announce their new partnership. This ground-breaking collaboration brings together Gil Cohen and Jessica Smith, two experienced professionals who are uniquely qualified not only to recruit ideal candidates for businesses, but also to attract and retain tremendous talent.

According to Smith, "If your hiring/people practices and business strategy aren't aligned, your business is being held back." With this in mind, Smith and Cohen, who have previously collaborated, are teaming up to fix what has been missing in the market and what could be done better.

Smith and Cohen each bring a well-rounded skill set that complements the other. Gil Cohen has spent over two decades working in the People at Work space. His unique blend of psychology and organizational design assists clients in moving beyond assumptions and bias to make better people decisions.


Cohen has spent most of his career as a talent management and employee experience consultant, working with companies ranging in size from 10 to 50,000 employees across North America. He has experience working directly with all levels of the organization, from executive teams to front-line employees.


Additionally, he is enthusiastic about making work a more enjoyable experience. Too many people are dissatisfied, and their leaders frequently do not realize it. Cohen helps companies design thriving workplaces by connecting the dots between employee experience and business outcomes.

Similarly, Jessica Smith has been a seasoned recruiter for over a decade. Smith has worked with numerous companies as a talent advisor, assisting them in growing and scaling their teams, offering advisory services, and observations on how to do things better in recruitment. Smith has spent a decade mastering her craft. She has filled hundreds of jobs with candidates from all over North America. 

When it comes to the candidate experience, she knows what works, what does not, and what can be improved.

This exclusive partnership brings together the essential qualities necessary to attract and keep the right people. "I've worked with companies where I would recruit talent in house, but after the talent got in, they would leave shortly after, due to lack of a great experience within the company," Smith says. 

She continues, "I just knew Gil was the missing piece of the puzzle, which is why I partnered with him."

Savant Recruitment and EXD's partnership is a tour de force that is set to shake up the recruiting and employee experience space. With their complementary skills and experience, as well as Cohen and Smith's passion for what they do, they are dedicated to making the workplace better.

About Jessica Smith: Jessica Smith is a technology recruiter based in Toronto. She also founded Savant Recruitment. Jessica has also filled positions in other departments and doesn’t just work with engineering departments at companies. She’s done Customer Success, Sales, Finance, HR, Operations, and more. She is generalizing her services and opening up to working in different industries outside of tech as well.

About Gil Cohen: Cohen strives to enhance employee experiences to promote better human and organizational outcomes. He is based in Toronto and has expertise in consultative problem solving, coaching, and human-centered organizational design.

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