savant - sa·vant/saˈvän(t),säˈvän(t)/ - a person of learning; especially : one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field.

The Founder

Jessica has a decade of  agency and corporate recruitment experience under her belt.
She believes in simplifying the recruitment process as much as possible.  Right now we are in the hottest talent market the recruitment industry has ever seen. It is a candidate market, and candidates know what they want! 
Jessica likes to think outside the box when it comes to attracting talent. Recruiting talent is an art. Traditional recruiting methods from 10 years ago do not work anymore.  This isn't transactional. It is about building great relationships with candidates and clients.
Jessica is well connected in various markets. In Technology she has candidates and clients all across North America.

Jessica's Niche: Technology Recruitment 

Other Industries she is recruiting in: Accounting, Property Management, Generalists, Warehousing, Construction, Healthcare, Finance, Legal, People Operations (HR), Manufacturing. 


Quality Candidates, Every Single Time.

Full Cycle Recruitment

We start off with an Intake Session where we learn about your company, culture, teams, and what you are looking for in the ideal candidate. We create a customized approach so you know that we are catering to you every step of the way.

This step is crucial because it allows me to go out and sell your company, the way you would sell it. 

Technical Testing

If you don't have Technical Testing set up, don't worry, we do! In order to make sure we are sending fully viable candidates your way, we can conduct different types of short term tests to see if candidates will pass, before moving them on to your team. 

This is an extra step in my process, I like to do, so that we can save time and really know that the candidate knows what they are doing, before presenting them to your team.

Back-End Services

To ensure a job well done we do formal reference and background checks on your behalf, helping ease the process and saving you even more time and money!

Agreement Model

We know your search is important, and that is why we customize the way we work with you.

Exclusive Contingency: We can attest that having numerous agencies working on your positions may not be getting you the results you are looking for, if you have retained contingently . Take it from Jessica, many agencies are looking for as many clients as possible, and prioritizing the ones with the largest fee agreements. This means, they are not prioritizing your role the way you would have hoped. If you're not seeing the results you were expecting because you hired numerous agencies on a contingency model alone, there is a reason for it. Account Manager's only have one thing in mind, which is to gather as many roles as possible, while the recruiters working for them are not forced to work on those roles. This means that a recruiter at the agency may take a look around for maybe an hour, and then move on to the next role that is guaranteed and pays the highest fee. 

An Exclusive Contingency model is different because you are giving the roles to Jessica, to exclusively fill herself. She knows you are relying on her to get the job done, so she will be working around the clock to get you the candidates you are looking to see.

Contract Agreements - Jessica also specializes in finding contractors for your company and charges a competitive markup, to get you the contractors you desire.


Alanna Williams

Director, Culture & People Operations - LiveSwitch

Jessica is a combination of passion, talent and execution. From the start of her time at LiveSwitch she has been faced with a lot of challenges and she faces them head-on and tackles them easily! She is resourceful, friendly, tenacious and I love getting to learn from her about the complex world of tech recruiting.

Cadel Jones

Software Developer - Mixo

Jessica was incredible to work with. She kept me up to date and offered lots of helpful advice throughout the entire process. She was invested in my success and helped me land the perfect new opportunity. Having Jessica on my side was a real asset in my job search.

BRENdan Kam

Software Developer - Passiv

It was a pleasure working with Jessica.

Jessica is very passionate about what she does. From my time working with Jessica, it was very apparent to me that she puts in a lot of effort and care to get the best outcome for both the job seekers she's trying to recruit and her clients.

As a job seeker, Jessica will be there for you every step of the way. You can be assured that the companies she introduces you to will be a great fit for you. If she introduces you to a position, it's because she believes that you have a good chance of landing the job.

If you're an employer, you can be sure that Jessica will do her best to find the right candidates for you. But more importantly, the support and empathy Jessica gives to the job candidate could be the reason why they accept your offer over a competing offer.

If there was a 2022 Recruiter of the Year award, I would nominate Jessica for the award.

Ryan Christilaw

Senior Developer - Jonah Group

Jessica has been a great person to work with. I have received many messages from recruiters saying they have great opportunities for me, but once I see the job posting, realize that the position does not fit my background or experience level. This was not the case for Jessica. The position she found was actually a great fit for me which shows her attention to detail and the research she put into the process, rather than the usual templated messages I was receiving. Throughout the recruitment process she made every effort to ensure I was comfortable and prepared. Thank you for all your efforts.

James Truong

Senior Technical Analyst - Sunlife

Working with Jessica has been nothing short of awesome. Our working relationship first started over a year ago when I was approached with a great opportunity. While things had not worked out for that particular role, I was amazed with Jessica's drive and tenacity to keep searching for that perfect fit for me. I am now working for a great company in a role that allows me to grow and thrive, and this is all thanks to Jessica's hard work and professionalism. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone as I'm sure she can also help you find your perfect fit!

Emel Demirci

Application Architect - Foresters

Working with Jessica was an amazing experience and also fun at times as I had the opportunity to observe her energy, enthusiasm, and tenacity. I have no doubt she will continue to excel and be successful in any area she puts her mind into. I would highly recommend Jessica as she is a very skilled and smart recruiter.

Ali Tariq

Senior Business Architect -Government of Canada

I have been working on different requisitions with Jessica and found her very prompt, professional and knowledgeable. She is very proactive and responds to queries in an efficient way. I also found her dedicated towards her assignments and taking ownership of the tasks.

Pankaj Dadhich

SAP Consultant - Illumiti

Supportive, motivating and highly professional It has been an absolute pleasure working with Jessica. She was so supportive, motivating and highly professional during our collaboration. I have gained very valuable information and had such a positive experience throughout the process. Thanks, Jess

Courtney Fleming

HR Co-ordinator - Illumiti

Jessica is a consistent, enthusiastic and expert recruiter for our company. Coming from someone in HR, Jessica is a great counterpart to recruit for the needs of the business. She builds a deep connection with our candidates and sources qualified workers for our niche roles. She has a way with her candidates and provides them a great experience with the company while maintaining professionalism and building her talent pool. We are consistently hiring and you never have to worry about Jessica and her team finding the best talent.

Nir Orbach

CEO - Illumiti

Jessica has a passion for identifying well suited candidates for each role she is recruiting for. She excels in her ability to consider the individuals existing experience, abilities, growth potential and their desired career path so that a long term fit for the employee and company are achieved. Her attention to detail, accountability, sense of urgency and high energy levels make her a pleasure to work with.

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